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This site is appropriate for men wanting to explore Tantra as an individual to enable them to integrate practices into their current life and relationships.
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Tantra: Couples Sessions in Byron Bay 2008 with Diane Riley

By Kerry Riley, Tantra sex teacher and director of the Australian School of Tantra - Published in the ‘Asian Weekend’ Australia 2007

Tantra Sex - secrets to become an extraordinary lover

Tantra and Taoist sex secrets are written about in the ancient tantra texts. In China it was common for emperors and noblemen trained in the arts of Tantra sex to be passionately making love in their 80s with up to twenty consorts or lovers, all of whom they were keeping sexually satisfied, it is written that a tantra (Taoist) emperor should make love to nine chosen consorts every night, progressing from the lower ranks to the higher. Tantra made this possible.

“…….. retaining his semen by proficiency in the art of love, the Emperor concentrates powers within.  Then, at the full moon, he bestows his seed on the Queen of Heaven”.

A child born from such a ritual was supposed to have magical powers.

How is this possible to be such an extraordinary lover?   Would you like to develop these skills?  Who can teach you these sexual secrets?

It is possible and it is necessary if you want to keep your woman satisfied and feel good about yourself as a man.  Not just ‘talk’ anyone can talk, it’s the action that counts.

Most men these days ejaculate within the first 15 minutes.  They wouldn’t have commanded much respect in ancient China.  Neither in the 20th Century.  After several years of marriage where the woman is not being satisfied, she becomes bored with sex because he doesn’t have the art of lovemaking developed.

It’s not the man’s fault,.  It’s simply he has never been taught the skills.  If you are not taught how to swim, it’s difficult.  But with a few lessons with a trained coach anything becomes possible.  It’s the same with lovemaking.  There are skills for extending lovemaking, mastering ejaculation control, satisfying a woman on all levels, building virility or erection strength and size.  It takes a little practice but you can do it.

TANTRA from ancient India is similar to the TAOIST approach to sex and love,  they both offer skills that are not only physical but are spiritual.  Through breathing patterns and meditative states you can create sexual, spiritual experiences.  When you are in a heightened orgasmic state, this is a spiritual experience.

Taoists especially would say lovemaking is the way to longevity and that by applying certain techniques we can rejuvenate ourselves.  Some men and women who are 60 can look 30 if they learn how to generate the sexual energy through their body.

In the past most religious systems make sex taboo.  This approach created oppression which forced Taoist and Tantrism practices underground.  Its practices have been kept secret for hundreds of years.

There are several techniques that will help with ejaculation control,  one is PC muscle exercise and another is the breath,  these exercises are also beneficial for women to extend their orgasmic response, taking more pleasure for herself and to give more pleasure to her partner.  The PC muscle is the major muscle of contraction in both sexes for orgasm, so strengthening it increases sensations of pleasure.

The PC muscle extends from the base of the spine where it is connected to the coccyx, to the front of the body where it is connected to the pubic bone.

A good way to locate the PC or love muscle for yourself is that next time you are urinating try to stop the flow of urination in mid stream.  This will give you the feeling of activating the muscle, then later on in your own private space practice tensing and releasing the muscle several times so that you get the sense of how to do it.

Another secret is working with your breath.  What most men do as excitement builds up is hold their breath as they get close to climax.  If men are to reverse the flow of sexual energy the best way is to breathe slowly, deeply and rhythmically.

This is just a couple of practices that are beneficial.  There are many more covered in a book: Sexual Secrets for Men – what every woman will want her man to know and a DVD The Secrets of Sacred Sex available through www.australianschooloftantra.com.au.  There are also workshops listed for men, women and couples.

Reading a book or watching a DVD is good but what really makes the difference is a practical lesson.

Your can have up to four private sessions with a Tantra goddess.  A woman skilled in the arts of sacred love that can teach each man the skills necessary to transform his lovemaking ability.

For more info call direct on (02) 89209181 or 0404 764 894 for enquiries and bookings.