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This site is appropriate for men wanting to explore Tantra as an individual to enable them to integrate practices into their current life and relationships.

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This page contains links to articles, commonly asked questions and answers and information on upcoming Tantra Workshops, plus other information that will be updated regularly.

Tantra Teacher Training

Tantra Teacher Goddess Training was offered. Now a select small group of women throughout Australia have been enjoying passing on their knowledge and skills to men, women and couples, making a difference in people's lives.

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Are you interested in discovering more about the arts of a Tantra goddess?

Tantra Education Australia is offering a certified course and employment opportunity to graduates of the Tantra goddess Level 1 program.

In ancient Sumeria, ‘qadishu’ or temple dancers dedicated their love to service of the goddess, Ishtar. These sexual priestesses of love were 'sacred women of the goddess’ or holy women, whole unto themselves. Through sexual embrace, a temple priestess could take a man into a state of higher consciousness, to a place where physical delight and spiritual ecstasy became as one. She did not make love to seek admiration from the man - or simply to fulfill his, or her own, sexual pleasures. Her higher purpose was to unify the physical with the divine and therefore unlock the mysteries of the potential of heart, body and spirit. The priestesses became a conduit between the Divine and the physical world. She sanctified sexual love for the goddess by tapping into the transformative and regenerative powers of sexuality.

Some of these sacred traditions are being revived in a contemporary context, this is occurring in many parts of the globe including here in Australia. Tantra Goddesses, women with the desire and appropriate teaching and who understand the regenerative and healing powers of sexual love - as well as the spiritual connection - are opening the doors and playing a valuable role in teaching men the arts of sacred love. For these women, only those who can honor the goddess are welcomed to enter her temple; her sacred place of love.

A Tantra Goddess does not make love to please her man or even for herself but, like the priestesses of love before her, her higher purpose is to celebrate the divine sexual feminine nature within her and ultimately within all of life. She acts so as to pave the way for the goddess of love and sexuality, bringing her influence to the fore in the collective consciousness of women and men where sexuality is not devoid (impregnated with) of spirit and where men and women can find more harmony within themselves and their wider relationships. In these times of global uncertainty, the presence of the goddess is much needed. If more men are educated in the ways of Tantra and can learn not only to recognize, but also to acknowledge, honor and nurture the goddess in their own partners, then more women will be empowered to heal themselves of negative effects of their individual, or collective past sexual experiences. Additionally, they will be empowered to allow the golden glow of Aphrodite to be with them, which will in turn benefit their partners, their relationships and all aspects of their lives.

Call Kerry on 0404 764894 for further details .

Also see Testimonials: The results of people taking the program attests to its immense practicability and gives specific details of what people learn in the sessions.

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Women's Workshop - "Tantric secrets for Women"
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Women's workshops are held every three months.

Tantra Goddess sessions in the USA

U.S.A. clients; " before referring you to a Goddess, I like to prepare you for a session, in order that you get the most from it. If you were in Sydney I would do this personally over the phone. However, as a good alternative I suggest the best preparation would be for you to first take our correspondence course, which includes our book

  • "Tantric Secrets for Men, what every woman will want her man to know about enhancing sexual ecstasy". Video:
  • "The Secrets of Sacred Sex- a guide to love and intimacy.
  • Four course audiocassette tapes on tantric lovemaking secrets and practices and guided exercises.

A total of $95:00 US and $10 postage and handling or at the very minimum it would be important that you read the book "Tantric secrets for men" by Kerry Riley with Diane Riley publisher Destiny books US or watch the video

Learning to Receive - exerpt from Radio Interview